Monday 13th March 2017

Ballast being dropped on road fourRoad four in the unheated area of the new shed received ballast up to the top of the sleepers, as can be seen in this photo where Keith is watching Phil Preston operate the hydraulic grab on the RSR TRAM. The day when we will be concreting (or the ‘C’ word as John termed it last week) again draws ever closer.

John has been busying himself completing floor repairs at the east end of the RMB and Tim has applied a first coat of primer over the recently completed body repairs around the corridor connection. Toilet taking shapeMike Rigg has almost completed the re-installation of panelling in the first of the RMB toilets. A clear out of the vast amount of paraphernalia in the RMB – some useful and some for the skip – has started and David Rimmer is clearing a space in the first class North London Railway coach body to accommodate the useful items. Michael Cook kindly donated some shelving a little while ago and it is planned to erect this in the coming week or so.

Paul and the paint cupboardIn addition, Paul Newton is breathing new life into the old RSR paint cupboard in readiness to receive the paint cans that are currently stored in the RMB.

Elsewhere, Adrian has been making more dust (Wednesday) on cleaning up Caliban‘s frames followed by Fred on Friday. Alan was also busy on the project on Wednesday, when we had a visitation from long term member, Neil Glover.

Wootton Hall's water collection chamberKeith has also been busy with the new water collection chamber which will eventually be fastened under the new tender tank for Wootton Hall, when commissioned. As can be seen from the photo, it is now getting to the paint stage.