Monday 14th October 2019

It has been one of those weeks where work has been steady but generally unspectacular in the way of results.

FR 20’s tender continues to be sanded down by Tim, who is taking the opportunity to sort out the odd blemish in the steelwork with filler that time did not permit first time around.

Roger painting the interior of FR 20's front tender drag boxWork on the tender front drag box is progressing well with Roger applying a top coat of paint to the interior.

John Dixon painting the cover for the tender drag box on FR 20John Dixon has been putting top coat black to the draw bar, buffing spring and also the drag box cover.

Fred cleaning up FR 20's hand brake with John Davis on the leftFred has been cleaning up the tender handbrake (foreground) whilst John Davis (left) has been cleaning up axleboxes from Fluff.

One of FR 20's engine springsTim, Alan and Adrian gathered to jack up the rear of FR 20’s engine in order to release a spring. This is to be sent away to act as a pattern for a narrower set of springs that will be more appropriate to the engine’s weight, which has reduced to 25 tons rather than the 36 tons it had been as a saddletank.

Newly fitted splasher supporting one of Wootton hall's nameplatesKeith has completed the metalwork for the new splashers for Wootton Hall, one of which is seen supporting one of its nameplates.

Secondhand ejector elbow for Wootton HallKeith was able to purchase from the Worth Valley Railway a second-hand ejector elbow..

Second-hand firehole door mechanism for Wootton Hall.. and also second-hand firehole door mechanism for Wootton Hall.

There was also more work carried out on Caliban.

Finally, for those of you who use Amazon to purchase goods, you may be interested to learn that if you opt to use the Amazon Smile web site instead, you can make a small donation to the Furness Railway Trust on every item that you purchase. You should find making the Furness Railway Trust as your preferred charity a fairly simple task.