Monday 12th October 2020

Keith grinding his ringThe cleaning work inside and outside the frames of 5643 has been completed which has allowed work to focus on the valves and pistons. Both pistons have now been split from their respective crossheads and examined by Keith who determined that new piston rings were required. Keith is seen here dressing off one of the rings prior to fitting.

George at work on 5643The heavy work involved in releasing and re-installing the pistons required additional assistance which was provided by George, who came up from Derby on two occasions over the past couple of weeks, however, both pistons are now back in place and connected to the crossheads.

Fred and John clean up after another of Fred's wire brushing sessionsWork on cleaning up and repainting the cab floor steelwork continues which is Fred’s forte. Fred and John Dixon are seen cleaning up outside the shed on Friday after Fred’s latest work which saw off yet another cup wire brush.

Phil Bell and John Davis with more steelwork for FluffThe end of the main thrust of cleaning on 5643 has enabled Phil, John Davis and Paul to return to the overhaul of Fluff. Phil and John are seen here with yet another new sheet of steel.

Ed and his spruced up gardenWe were pleased to see the return of Ed after a short spell in works. He spent a very busy day tidying up the garden area and cutting back undergrowth that was coming through the adjacent fence.

The remainder of the volunteer workforce has generally been engaged on progressing the overhaul of FR 20. We are very pleased to be able to inform you that the boiler passed its hydraulic test today, so well done to all concerned. However, the current procedures now require that the boiler is steam tested out of the frames so that will be the next milestone to achieve.

Alan preparing a new joint ringMeanwhile, Alan has cut two new joint rings for the cylinder covers which have been carefully fitted.Fitting the new ring

Alan and Ade attempting to re-fit the LH cylinder cover on FR 20Alan and Ade then spent most of last Wednesday struggling to fit the left hand cylinder cover, finally succeeding after discovering that one of the studs hadn’t been properly screwed in and was not square with the rest.

The new springs fitted to FR 20We are pleased to report that, after much fine tuning, the new springs are now in place.

John Dixon warming up the bulgeThe annoying slight bulge towards the front of the right hand valance has been removed with the aid of some carefully applied heat and the use of a clamp to straighten the metal.

John Dixon painting FR 20's ashpanFinally, the ashpan has been cleaned, painted and the ejector ring repaired and re-fitted by John Dixon.

Ade playing with his nutsFinally, Ade has also spent some time freeing off and adjusting the nuts on Caliban‘s brake rods. Incidentally, contrary to what you might think from the photo, we can confirm that Ade has now had his post lockdown haircut!