Monday 19th October 2020

The welcome news that FR 20 had passed its hydraulic test has turned thoughts as to the practicalities of conducting a steam test out of the frames. It is hoped that the boiler will be shunted around to the RSR running shed sometime this week in exchange for a brake van. Ade with the 4WD fork liftThis is all subject to the availability of Ade who is assisting Ribble Rail this week. Ade is pictured here trying his hand last week with the RSR’s recently acquired four wheel drive fork truck.

John re-fitting FR 20's smokebox lamp bracketWork has continued on some of the smaller jobs on FR 20. Tim has finished painting the modified spring hangers and has also done some careful refurbishment and priming of the tender buffer beam so as to retain appropriate signs of age and work use.  John Dixon has straightened up the smokebox lamp bracket.

John painting the bottom of FR 20's ashpanJohn then set about giving the bottom of the ashpan a much-needed clean and paint.

Keith cutting yet more metal from Wootton Hall's tender tankKeith has taken advantage of some better weather to cut some more metal from Wootton Hall‘s tender tank.

Phil Bell and John Davis painting more new steelwork for FluffPaul Balshaw has continued buffing up 5643’s rods whilst Phil and John Davis have been busy painting new steelwork for Fluff.

Paul Newton painting the bench seat slatsFinally, Paul Newton has at last managed to put some gloss paint on the slats for the formerly derelict platform seat.