Monday 14th December 2020

John Davis and Neil Smith fit the insulation to FR 20's boilerA shorter blog this week but one which records some more visible progress on FR 20. Neil Smith was able to join us on Friday and was soon put to work fitting the fibreglass insulation to FR 20’s boiler. Neil (right) is seen here with John Davis.

Paul newton and John Davis fitting the insulation to FR 20's boilerPaul Newton (left) also gave a hand whilst Tim was kept busy with the sweeping brush down below collecting the bits of fibreglass that inevitably fell to the ground during the progress.

FR 20 with its boiler insulation fittedThe almost finished job is seen here – the former insulation for the top of the dome has gone awol so that needs making up this week with new.  We are hoping that Neil might get a few more days of annual leave to help us get on with the rest of the jobs! The next task will be to fit the crinolines.

Tim getting there with the smokebox preparationsWhen he wasn’t on sweeping up duties, Tim carried on sanding the filler on the smokebox, which still has a bit to do, but is getting there.

Meanwhile Keith was cutting and tapping more metal for Wootton Hall’s tender.

Gavin Renshaw working on the first of the RSR's timeline muralsOutside, local artist Gavin Renshaw, who was featured in the blog earlier this year when he recorded the work being undertaken on Caliban, has been commissioned to paint some timeline murals on the outside of the RSR’s museum. He is seen here at work on the first mural which features Stephenson’s Rocket. The end result should be impressive!