Monday 12th April 2021

John Dixon constructs the formers for the new brick arch in FR 20We are heading towards the casting of a new brick arch for FR 20 with John Dixon now in the final stages of constructing the formers in the confined space of the fire box.

Alan annealing copper steam pipes for FR 20With the injectors now fitted, Alan has been annealing the copper steam pipework that now needs to be connected. Meanwhile Ed has continued his work cleaning up the chimney.

John Davis paints controls in FluffJohn Davis has been painting the controls in Fluff‘s cab.

Fred cleans up the water craneFred has been back in action after the lockdown break and has been cleaning up the former Furness Railway water crane from Foxfield. Needless to say, it didn’t take him long to wear out his first cup wire brush of the year!

New fire box for the water craneMeanwhile Keith has finished fabricating a new fire box for the water crane.

Ade drilling out smokebox rivets on Caliban's boiler

And finally, Ade has continued to drill out out the rivets on Caliban‘s smokebox to allow it to be removed.