Monday 29th January 2018

Here we are, at the end of January already! But there seems to have been plenty of progress over the month and, indeed, last week.

Andy Morton works on the TPO watched by statutory onlookersWork has continued apace on the RSR’s TPO where Andy Morton paid a visit on Wednesday afternoon in preparation for giving a regular hand with the project from this next week. He is seen here with the statutory number of onlookers whilst he works.

John Davis and Paul Newton fit a new piece of wood above one of the TPO's sliding doorsJohn Davis and Paul fitted a new piece of wood above one of the TPO shutter doors on Friday and Tim has once again been busy with the filler and sanding machine. Roger appeared on Friday to continue painting the frames.

Ade cleaning Caliban's horguidesAde has been attacking the grime on Caliban with a needle gun, and can be seen here working on one of the hornguides.

Fred cleans up 5643's blastpipeFred has been making dust once more, this time cleaning up 5643’s blast pipe. Fortunately the weather was good so the dust stayed outside!

Sink in position and drains connectedJohn Dixon has continued his work on the new kitchen in the mess room where the sink unit has now been fitted and the drain connected. Will we see some running water next week?

Ade examines one of the NLR axle pads - and is Tim oiling Ade's ear or holding the brush?tFinally, the welding on Wootton Hall’s tender frames has been put back a week and is now scheduled to take place on the 9th and 10th February.