Monday 22nd June 2020

It has been well over a month since our last blog so time for another update.

It must be said that there isn’t a huge amount to say as there hasn’t been any physical activity at Preston and we are still waiting for clarity as to what is allowed and when. However, behind the scenes, you can be assured that planning has been taking place in order to determine what the new norm should be when we return to the FRT shed at Preston.

On the positive front, we have amassed stocks of black/yellow adhesive floor tape, yellow marking paint, tissues, disposable masks, disposable gloves, waste bins for used PPE and 5 litre containers of hand sanitiser gel. A batch of wall mountable automatic hand sanitisers are on their way so hopefully, when the Government has finally decided how many metres apart we need to be to work, we should be able to plan in final detail how we organise our activities and can then post appropriate signage. The latter is already designed and ready to print but, again, there is no point in making up 2 metre distance signs if a ‘one metre plus’ regime is about to come into effect, as suggested in new over the weekend.

Mike and Tim have been undertaking the majority of the planning in respect of both the RSR and FRT workshops and also the RSR running shed. This is so that both organisations can adopt similar regimes. When we are able to set up the buildings so that they can be used in a safe manner we will issue a brief for working members to let them know what the new regime will be and so that they can arrive adequately prepared when we are able to re-open for volunteers. The RSR is also having to go through a similar, but more complex, process for the re-opening of the museum and railway to the general public.

We hope that you have all kept well during the lockdown and that you have managed to do all those jobs that you have been putting to one side over the years, so that you can return to work at Preston in the knowledge that there are no distractions at home!?!