Monday 28th October 2019

There is more steady progress to report this week at Preston.

John Dixon with FR 20's tender cab floorJohn Dixon has been working on FR 20’s tender footplate. It was originally slightly short of metal on the up-curve next to the coal hole, which had previously been overcome with the temporary expedient (20 years ago!) of being filled with fibreglass. Over time some of the fibreglass has broken up and so a proper job is now being undertaken this time around.

Phil Bell cleaning one of FR 20's tender brake hangersTim continues to prepare the tender tank and outside frames for painting whilst the brake rigging is also in the process of receiving a fresh coat of paint and Phil Bell is seen cleaning up one of the brake hangers.

Fred cleaning one of FR 20's brake pinsFred has been cleaning up some of the brake pins.

Roger reaching to places where no others have penetrated for yearsMeanwhile Roger has been undertaking a long overdue clear out of the rear storage box on the tender, reaching into areas where no one has dared to explore for years!

John Davis adjusting Fluff's cab pedalFluff is slowly going back together and John Davis is pictured adjusting the cab foot pedal under the watchful gaze of Howard and John Dixon.

Ade lifts one of Caliban's axleboxes into positionAde has again been attending to the axleboxes on Caliban.

Keith shaping one of Wootton Hall's injector delivery pipesKeith has been shaping the injector delivery pipes for Wootton Hall.

Keith has also been over to Embsay where 5643 sprung a steam leak at a joint with the main steam pipe a couple of weeks ago. A loose stud was eventually found to be the cause of the problem and, after Keith had fitted a replacement, the locomotive was successfully tested this week. A wash out is now due before the start of the Santa Specials, so please let Keith know if you are able to assist.