Monday 3rd February 2020

Work continues apace on the Trust’s projects at Preston.

FR 20’s tender is steadily changing colour as Tim progresses with the Furness Railway paint scheme. John Dixon drills holes beneath FR 20's tenderUnderneath, John Dixon has been drilling holes to fix¬† the new vacuum pipe carrying brackets.

Ade and Alan in the process of removing the valve seats from FR 20's domeAde and Alan spent some time on Wednesday removing the valve seats from FR 20’s dome for machining. The seats had previously been pressed into the dome so it took some persuasion to remove them, but with ace dismantler Ade to hand, we shouldn’t have worried!

Ade in the process of fitting one of Caliban's springsJust to demonstrate that dismantling isn’t Ade’s only talent, we include a welcome photo of him fitting one of Caliban‘s springs.

John Davis cleaning one of Fluff's window framesWork continues on Fluff and here we see John Davis cleaning up one of the window frames, with the trunk from ‘Nellie’ the fume extractor in close proximity.

Keith fitting a new vacuum pipe beneath Wootton Hall's cab floorKeith has been busy fitting more pipework to Wootton Hall. He is seen here under the cab floor with the vacuum pipe that links the brake valve to the tender vacuum cylinder.

Finally, the NDT examination of 5643’s tubeplate was carried out last Wednesday and, at the time of writing, we await the boiler surveyor’s prognosis.