Monday 3rd May 2021

Fred removing paint from one of FR20's hand railsWith much relief, John Dixon successfully removed the formers from FR 20’s brick arch without any unplanned collapse. The engine’s hand rails have had to be fully stripped of any paint to enable them to be fitted through the stanchions, which gave Fred a job on Friday. Even then it was quite a fight to fit the right hand rail, but persistence won through and FR 20 is shown below in its current state.FR 20 with newly fitted hand rails

It is hoped to refit the large dome cover and cab spectacle plate this Wednesday.Alan adjusting the small dome cover for FR 20In the meantime, Alan has been adjusting the smaller dome cover to enable the new larger injector steam valves to the fitted.

Fluff's left hand sand box is refittedThe Fluff gang of Paul Newton, John Davis and Phil Bell have refitted the left hand sand box.

Fluff's left hand cab side is refittedIt was then the turn of the cab side to be fitted back into place, under the supervision of Mike Rigg.

Finally, 5643’s brakes incurred a problem when under test last week and so Keith is off to Bury tomorrow equipped with new slipping band and sealing rings for the vacuum cylinder. Replacing the slipping band is always an awkward job so we wish Keith luck!