Monday 13th December 2021

Ade lowering Caliban on 8.12.21A milestone in the overhaul of Caliban was reached on Wednesday when Ade, with assistance from Alan, finally lowered the chassis back onto its wheels. Caliban back on its wheelsJust for the record, the operation went very smoothly with no problems in lining up the axleboxes – for once! Well done!

Virtually all the previous canvas bonding compound has been removed from the roof of GER No. 5, with just a narrow strip on the south side to be tackled. The new canvas and bonding paste arrived last Wednesday so we look forward to seeing that laid on the roof in the New Year, once the roof has been sanded and received a coat of primer.

Fluff's controls laid out for paintingSome of Fluff‘s cab controls have been cleaned up and have been laid out ready for painting.

Keith tapping a hole in Wootton Hall's claddingWork on Wootton Hall has continued with Keith seen here tapping a hole in the cladding, most of which has now been fitted. Current status of Wootton Hall's claddingThere remain the tricky items to fabricate and fit around the front corners of the firebox.

Talking things Great Western, there’s been another stunning photo of 5643 on the East Lancashire Railway…

Finally, the latest edition of The Iron Horse has been proof read and despatched back to the printer so, hopefully, you will all receive your copy in time for Christmas.