Monday 10th January 2022

A belated Happy New Year to all our readers.

There has been no blog for two weeks so there is plenty to report.

The most notable occurrence has been the fitting of Wootton Hall’s tender tank to its chassis last Wednesday. A hi-ab had been procured for the morning to undertake a number of jobs around the RSR’s site and the tender tank was number two on the list.

Up she goesThe tanks was lifted from supporting blocks.

In comes the chassisThen the Ribble Rail lads ensured that the tender chassis was quickly moved underneath.

Down goes the tankThe fitting went every smoothly and the whole job was completed safely in less than 15 minutes. Well done to all.

Keith fitting temporary boltsOnce back inside the shed Keith was busy fitting temporary bolts to hold down the tank.

Caitlin stripping rain stripsThere has been good progress with GER Royal Saloon GER No. 5. Neil and Caitlin came in on the 31st December, Neil to clean the inside of the coach of debris deposited when items were removed from the roof, and Caitlin to strip paint from roof rain strips.

Phil Burton sets up his planerRemoving paint from the wooden side retaining strips has also devoured a great deal of time with Phil Burton seen here setting up a planing machine to clean the straight edges.

John Davis removing paint from retaining stripMeanwhile John Davis used a heat gun on the process.

The corroded gas lamp housingsThe gas lamp housings are being cleaned up by Ed and the corrosion revealed now needs some attention as can be seen here.

Phil Bell plugging old screw holes in the wood retaining piecesPhil Bell has been employed making plugs to fill old screw holes in the retaining strips. Meanwhile Tim has completed the sanding of the roof boards.

Ade cleaning Caliban's chassisNow that Caliban has been lowered on to its wheels, Ade has been undertaking some early spring cleaning.

Sam with the results of excavations in Alan's garageAlan has been emptying his garage and has located some of Caliban’s brass items which Sam brought in for cleaning and storage. Alan and Sam have also been taking measurements of Caliban’s smokebox in order that a quote for a replacement can be obtained.

Finally, Live Steam carried out their New Year’s Eve engagement at the Engine Inn at Cark-in-Cartmel earning the FRT some welcome funds.

A working party is being held tomorrow, Tuesday, to strip the valves from 5643 in anticipation of a re-bore that is due to take place at the end of the month.

A further rearrangement of rolling stock is expected on Wednesday when FR 20 will be brought over the pit in the main shed to enable Alan and Sam to give further attention to the right hand little end.