Monday 20th May 2024

5643's radial wheelset ready to go back under the frames.GWR 0-6-2T 5643’s radial wheelset, which returned from the East Lancashire Railway last Monday after its tyres had been re-profiled on the wheel lathe, was duly positioned behind 5643’s frames last Wednesday, ready for it to be returned to its rightful position.

John Davis grinding off more stay heads on 5643's fireboxJohn Davis has been busy grinding off more stay heads on 5643’s firebox, this time on the backhead.

Keith services 5643's manifoldKeith has been fettling up 5643’s manifold ready for re-fitting when required.

John Dixon cleaning 5643's bunker of rust and old paintMeanwhile, John Dixon has started work on cleaning up 5643’s bunker. We hope that the recent warm dry weather will continue to enable him to complete the work without too much down time.

The west end of RSR's BSK 35128 after repairOver in the Ribble Steam Railway running shed, several FRT members have been assisting the FRT’s Mike Rigg, who has for some time been in charge of the Mark 1 coach fleet. BSK 35128 has been undergoing intrusive investigation to its end crash pillars, which has meant removing corridor end platework. As can be seen, Tim has been using his creative skills with body filler to hide the joins in the new platework.

No blog next week, so we will see you again after the holidays.