Monday 19th March 2018

It might have been yet another cold wind blowing outside our shed this week, however, within the relatively snugness of a well insulated and heated environment we have seen more progress this week on the three main projects.

John Dixon painting the corridor end of the TPO coachWork has now commenced in earnest on the painting of the RSR’s TPO coach, and John Dixon is seen here painting the corridor ends. The corridor ends going blackNow that this has been achieved, it is planned to start painting the body sides next Friday. Paul Newton and John Davis at work painting the TPO coachDown below, John Davis, Paul Newton, Fred and Roger have been continuing their work in painting the frames, headstocks and bogies. Fred painting one of the TPO headstocksRoger sees red with bogie springsPaul Balshaw also made a start on cleaning up the interior of the coach now that the filling and sanding has finished.

Alan and Howard at work on Caliban's axleboxesAde, Howard and Alan have been stripping the axleboxes on Caliban, although this has been a slow process as it is many years since they have been apart. Ade contemplating under Caliban

Ian Massey was back on Friday to continue his work on welding a new section to Wootton Hall‘s tender frames. Ian Massey at work on Wootton Hall's tender framesIt is planned that he will return again shortly to complete the job. The latest weld completedThe work is taking a little longer than anticipated owing to some distortion that occurred during the original welding and the need to adopt a different technique to prevent a recurrence.

The mess room is becoming better equipped as a result of the clearing of the late John Houghton’s kitchen, the contents of which have been made available to the Trust. Derek has kindly donated some pictures which are starting to go up on the walls.

Next weekend, the 24th and 25th March, will see the rolling stock from John Houghton’s model railway being put up for sale. A reminder here that FRT members will be allowed first pick from 09.00 on the Saturday morning. Videos, books and vinyls for saleA large selection of books, videos and vinyl LPs, seen here stacked in the mess room, will also be available for sale.

Groundworks outside the shedOutside our shed, work has started on preparing the ground ready for tarmac to be put down, probably this next week. This is in advance of the new children’s play area which will be created between the FRT shed and the museum.

FR 20 in the snow at ShildonAlan looked at the weather forecast and decided to delegate the role of owner’s representative for FR 20 at this weekend’s steamings at Locomotion to member Brian Goodfellow, who lives locally to Shildon. After a cold night at ShildonThis was a sensible decision as Alan was due to play at a St. Patrick’s Day gig with our folk band Live Steam at Cark on Saturday evening and, in the event, the local mountain rescue teams had to turn out to rescue people from the A66 on Saturday night!