Monday 7th June 2021

We are back after a short holiday break – yes, the dramatic improvement in the weather was very timely, thanks.

However, the sunshine has not prevented the Trust’ merry gang from working hard in the FRT shed and, as previewed in recent blogs, there was a most notable move forward ¬†through the re-wheeling of Wootton Hall‘s tender chassis. Final set of wheels ready to go under Wootton Hall's tender chassisOn Wednesday, 26th May, the final wheelset had been fitted with its axleboxes and was being readied to be moved under the chasis.

Getting ready to lower the chassisOn Saturday, 29th, Keith,  Neil and Sam, with assistance from the massed ranks of the RSR workshop volunteers to ensure each wheel was perfectly located, lowered the chassis on to the wheels. Later that day the vacuum reservoir was fitted, followed by all the refurbished springs and finally the spring hangers.

The rolling chassisBy the following Wednesday, the cotter pins had been made and added to the hangers, and a rolling chassis had been achieved.

Tim and Ron Crowe fitting the decorative brass work on FR 20There has also been further progress with FR 20. On Wednesday, 26th May, the decorative brass covers on the firebox were fitted by Tim, John Dixon and (new volunteer) Ron Crowe.The brasswork fitted

With the injector steam pipes then fitted into position, it was possible to fit the cab sides and, after somewhat of a battle, the sand boxes. It will now be possible to start the painting process on the cab sides and valances as well as complete the rest of the pipework and fittings.

We have received the positive news that 5643 has been working again on the East Lancs Railway, and also the rather more negative news that the steam pipe from the dome to the driver’s injector steam valve on Cumbria has developed a leak which admits unwanted water to the injector causing it to fail. There is also an issue with the fireman’s side injector to be resolved. Heads are being scratched and an initial plan has been formed.