Monday 13th September 2021

As we head into the more comfortable autumn weather, work in the FRT has been progressing well.

New and old blower rings for FR 20FR 20’s new blower ring has been fabricated by John Dixon and is seen alongside the old ring which had certainly had its day.

John Dixon drills new holes in the upper side of the new blower ring for FR 20John then set about drilling the new holes which, at 1/8th”, are slightly smaller than the previous holes which had opened out naturally beyond their original size.

Sam opening out holes in one part of FR 20's steam pipeAlan and Sam have been working on modifying the main steam pipe. Sam is seen opening out the holes in one end of the pipe to accommodate the new studs on the steam chest.

Underneath FR 20's tenderTim has been putting the finishing touches to the paintwork underneath the tender which, along with some new pipework, looks very smart.

Up and away!Ade spent Wednesday raising Caliban‘s frames so that the wheels could be rolled underneath (hope the wheels are the right way round, Ade!), and then lowering the frames back down again.

Caliban's frames after loweringAfter some adjustment with the help of a traversing jack, the frames finally came down in the right place, between the wheels.

Fluff with left hand side assembledThe left hand side of Fluff‘s engine compartment bonnet is now visibly complete.

John Davis painting an angle for FluffJohn Davis has set about priming an angle to support the right hand side panels.

Lowering Wootton Hall's tender vacuum cylinder into the tender framesWootton Hall’s tender vacuum cylinder has been lowered into position.

Keith Brewer and tender brake shaftFinally, Keith has now manoeuvred the brake shaft adjacent to the cylinder into position ready for fitting.