Monday 12th February 2024

Apologies once again for the inconsistent publication of the blog. We are hoping that the effects of the winter ailments are now mainly behind us!

First of all this week, a big thanks to all those of you who have made such generous donations to the Trust whilst renewing membership over the past couple of months. With so much potentially expensive work going on at the moment it is really very heartening to have such support from members. It is very much appreciated.

The overhaul of 5643 has continued apace with the coded welder Ian Massey paying a visit last Wednesday to commence work on 5643ā€™s boiler, focussing on some wastage at the bottom of the front tubeplate. A further two visits are expected in the coming weeks to finish the tasks requested by the boiler surveyor.

Ron Crowe drills out one of the firebox staysRon Crowe is pictured here drilling out one of the firebox backplate stays, one of 300 stays to be renewed.

The newly purchased die chasersA set of special die chasers has been purchased for the purpose of manufacturing new stays.

Jon Dixon cleans 5643's smokebox saddleWork has also continued on cleaning and painting the frames and attachments with Jon Dixon seen here cleaning the bottom of the smokebox saddle prior to painting with high temperature paint.

Refurbished 'J' cock for 5643Finally, Keith has picked up from one of our machinists the refurbished ā€˜Jā€™ cock, one of 5643ā€™s cab fittings, the original body for which having been unfortunately damaged during the process of dismantling.