Monday 19th February 2024

Things are getting back to normal now we hope with a more consistent publication of the blog following illness.

John Dixon applying grey undercoat paint to 5643's spring hanger boltsWork has continued on the overhaul of Great Western Railway 0-6-2T No. 5643. John Dixon has been giving the spring hanger bolts a good clean and several coats of paint.

Sim and Jon Dixon applying high temperature black paint to 5643 steam chest and smokebox saddleSim (left) and Jon Dixon are seen here giving the exterior of the steam chest and smokebox saddle a coat of high temperature black paint.

Wootton Hall's chimney castingWe now have a first blog photo of the new chimney casting for Great Western Railway ‘Hall’ class 4-6-0 No. 4979 that was recently supplied by the Severn Valley Railway. The casting will need to be machined and the familiar GWR copper top fitted.

Wootton Hall's tender has received its first coat of undercoat greenMeanwhile Tim, after much filling and sanding, has been giving the left-hand side of Wootton Hall’s tender tank a coat of green undercoat paint. There is still more work to do though before the former ’ploughed field’ surface is ready to receive a top coat of paint.

Phil Burton giving one of the picture frames a polishWork on Great Eastern Railway royal saloon No. 5 continues with Phil Burton cleaning up the two bronze royal picture frames that will be fitted to the coach.

Half done, the top and left hand side of the picture frame can be seen gleaming.The top and left-hand side of the frame can be seen gleaming here.

John Dixon sampling some of the birthday cake on offerFinally, it has been a bumper week for cake in the mess room this week with both Keith and Alan celebrating birthdays. John Dixon is seen here tucking in to a portion of cake…

Alan enjoying some of his birthday cake… while Alan had a small birthday celebration at Preston on Saturday and is seen here with some of his own cake.